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AND194 - GRANADA (Andalusia)

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  • Location: GRANADA (Andalusia)
  • Classification: Central Hotel
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  • Capacity:

    6 single rooms and 18 double rooms

  • Distances: Seville- 150 miles, Malaga- 74 miles, Madrid- 250 miles.
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This hotel gives you the chance of staying in one of the city's most beautiful squares, immersed in the ambiance of a renovated building, built in 1880 in Granada's historical center, the pearl of Andalusia.

The furnishings that echo Andalusian tradition, recent renovations and the kindness of our staff make the hotel  a welcoming place to stay during your trip to Granada.

The major bus lines stop in Gran Via, a two minute walk from this property; they go directly to the Alhambra (line 30), the Albayzín neighborhood (line 31) and the shopping district (line 3); from the train station, less than 1 km away, large, comfortable and economic tour buses leave for all the other sites in Andalusia

Additional information

Granada is a wonderful city with 260.000 inhabitants, which lies 700 metres above sea level. For its strategic situation it has been coveted by many different civilisations. Iberians, Romans, and Visigoths preceded the civilisation which was to make Granada the cultural centre of the western world for centuries: the Muslims.  They bequeathed the city most f its exceptional heritage and designed its urban layout, a charming tangle of narrow lanes, beautiful gardens and refreshing fountains.  The famous Alhambra dominates the cityscape. This part fortress, part palace gets its name from the hill on which it stands, the "Al-Hambra" or the "Red One".

Alongside Moorish Granada stand the Renaissance and Christian Granada which was chosen as the Catholic Monarchs as their last abode.  The city with the magic of the Sacromonte quarter, the grand palaces of the Alhambra, and the quiet carmenes (traditional Granada houses with gardens), has inspired many illustrious poets and artists.  Perhaps the memory of its evocative charms was what made King Boabdil – the last Moorish king – shed a few tears when he had to abandon his beloved city.


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