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<span>Navarra, Pamplona</span>Navarra, Pamplona
<span>Navarra, Pamplona, the cathedral</span>Navarra, Pamplona, the cathedral
<span>Navarra, Pamplona, San Fermin</span>Navarra, Pamplona, San Fermin
<span>Navarra, Pamplona, San Lorenzo</span>Navarra, Pamplona, San Lorenzo
<span>Navarra, Pamplona</span>Navarra, Pamplona
<span>Navarra, Olite</span>Navarra, Olite
<span>Navarra, Olite, Royal Castle Palace</span>Navarra, Olite, Royal Castle Palace
<span>Navarra, Olite, Royal Castle Palace</span>Navarra, Olite, Royal Castle Palace
<span>Navarra, Estella</span>Navarra, Estella
<span>Navarra, Estella, San Pedro de la Rua</span>Navarra, Estella, San Pedro de la Rua
<span>Navarra, Estella, San Miguel</span>Navarra, Estella, San Miguel
<span>Navarra, Roncesvalles, the Colegiata</span>Navarra, Roncesvalles, the Colegiata
<span>Navarra, Roncesvalles, the cloisters</span>Navarra, Roncesvalles, the cloisters
<span>Navarra, Roncesvalles</span>Navarra, Roncesvalles
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Navarra, in the western Pyrenees, is a region of grand and scenic landscapes showing the power and wealth of medieval times, marked today in the fortified mansions still dominating local villages. Navarra was enriched by a constant procession of pilgrims following the Road to Santiago, from its official starting point in Northern Navarra; Roncesvalles.

To the north of Navarra we find mountain ranges, woodlands and deep green valleys. And to the south the landscape is dusty and dry, baked golden brown except for patches of green from the vineyards of La Ribera. The capital of Navarra is Pamplona, world famous for its San Fermín festival better known as the Running of the Bulls.

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