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Caves of Cantabria Spain Tour

<span>Santillana de Mar</span>Santillana de Mar
<span>Altamira cave</span>Altamira cave
<span>El Soplao</span>El Soplao
<span>Las Monedas & El Castillo caves</span>Las Monedas & El Castillo caves
<span>Parador in Limpias</span>Parador in Limpias
<span>Ason river source</span>Ason river source
<span>Cullalvera cave</span>Cullalvera cave
<span>Covalanas cave</span>Covalanas cave
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Cantabria in Northern Spain boasts a magnificent collection of some of the most important caves in the world with Palaeolithic Cave Art.  This makes Cantabria an ideal place to visit for those with an interest in this subject who would like to combine visiting important caves with a holiday in Northern Spain.


Our suggested 6 nights Cantabrian Cave Tour allows you to stay in two of the best Paradors in Spain using them as as base for your touring.  Totally Spain will pre-arrange all of your cave visits to suit the dates you are travelling but please note that due to opening times we suggest beginning this suggested tour on a Friday.


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Caves of Cantabria Tour Itinerary



Day 1


Arrive in Santillana del Mar and the splendid 4 star Parador de Gil Blas situated right in the heart of the old medieval centre.  Santillana del Mar is your base for the next 4 nights.


This afternoon enjoy visiting Santillana del Mar, declared a national monument, and considered to be one of the lovliest medieval towns in Spain.  A great number of its 15th to 17th century houses and mansions still remain; the town is a veritable living museum. The Romanesque Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana is especially interesting.


Day 2


This morning after breakfast start your day touring the exhibits and the carefully constructed replica of Altamira cave in the Centro de Investigacion y Museo de Altamira (closed Mondays), and ponder the challenges of preserving pre-historic archaeological sites. Altamira Cave is currently undergoing treatment for a biological infestation and is closed to all researchers and the general public.


Later continue to the El Soplao Cave which is unique for the variety and large amount of formations found within it.  Seeing El Soplao can also be combined with stopping at lovely Comillas which is a delightful town with an interesting building by Antoni Gaudi called El Capricho. We also recommend seeing San Vicente de la Barquera.


Day 3


Today after breakfast you head inland to the spa town of Puente Viesgo.   The Spa Hotel here allows day visitors to itīs facilities and is an ideal place to enjoy lunch and relax after visiting the two caves suggested.


Here you tour two of the Monte Castillo Caves - El Castillo and Las Monedas both of which are very close to each other. These caves were frequented by man at least over the last 150,000 years. They are situated by the River Pas up a cone-shaped limestone hill, which inside hides an intricate labyrinth of fascinating caves containing one of the most unique and important environments in Prehistoric Europe.


Day 4


Today we propose you visit the charming capital of Cantabria, Santander.  The city is delightful to stroll around and enjoy itīs splendid promenade as well as the Sardinero beach area and the gardens of the Magdelena Palace.


While visiting the city be sure to see the Cantabrian Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology which has a good collection of prehistoric material including Upper Paleolithic bone and antler artworks.


Day 5


Today leave Santillana del Mar and make your way to the Parador in Limpias, another of the fine Parador hotels in Cantabria.  Settle in at the Parador and later we suggest going to nearby Laredo where you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Old Quarter and itīs many tapas bars and restaurants. Also the magnificent beach.


Day 6


Discover two very interesting caves today which are located a short distance from the Parador hotel near the town of Ramales de la Victoria.

These are the Cullavera and the Covalanas caves. Cullavera is part of a highly developed karstic complex covering around 12 kilometres, where the action of water and time on the rock have carved out an exceptional cave. While Covalanas is a small cave, with two galleries one of which right houses  graphic cave wall expressions.


Day 7


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