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<span>Castilla la Mancha, Belmonte</span>Castilla la Mancha, Belmonte
<span>Madrid, Manzanares Castle</span>Madrid, Manzanares Castle
<span>Rioja, Sajazarra Castle</span>Rioja, Sajazarra Castle
<span>Navarra, Olite Castle</span>Navarra, Olite Castle
<span>Castilla Leon, Valladolid, Peñafiel Castle</span>Castilla Leon, Valladolid, Peñafiel Castle
<span>Valladolid, La Mota Castle</span>Valladolid, La Mota Castle
<span>Castilla Leon, Simancas Castle</span>Castilla Leon, Simancas Castle
<span>Andalusia. Segovia, Coca Castle</span>Andalusia. Segovia, Coca Castle
<span>Segovia, the Alcazar</span>Segovia, the Alcazar
<span>medieval falconry display</span>medieval falconry display
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The greatest concentration of Spain’s castles are found in Castilla (which is now know as Castilla y Leon), in central Spain. Most of the castles where re-built after the Reconquest, having originally been constructed during the 11th and the 12th centuries. This tour will introduce you to some of the finest of these castles situated in areas of great beauty.












Arrive in Madrid. Accommodation of your choice Madrid.


Today travel southeast to Belmonte (near Cuenca) in the province of Castilla y La Mancha. Here visit Belmonte’s fine 15th century castle built by Juan Pacheco, Marquis of Villena.  Later visit Alarcon Castle, now converted into a Parador hotel.  return to Madrid and overnight.


This morning leave Madrid and enjoy a leisurely drive north through the Rioja Wine Region and the Basque Country to Navarra.   There are many historical towns worth visiting en-route such as Burgos and the landscape of the wine region is especialy lovely.  Overnight in Pamplona.


Navarra features two important castles which you can visit today.  The first is the Royal Castle-Palace of Olite just south of Pamplona which was built in the early 15th century and was decorated on the inside by mudejar artists using ceramic tiles. Olite itself is a pleasant historical town, and was once used as the royal residence by the Kings of Navarra.

The second important fortress is the Castle of Javier, located south east of Pamplona in the village of Javier, which dates from the 11th century. It is now a Jesuit College. 

Accommodation of your choice in Pamplona.


Today travel west to Valladolid in the Duero Valley visiting the stunning castle of Penafiel, from the 15th century. The castle has often been compared to a battleship because of its long narrow structure.

The other castle of interest in this area is La Mota Castle located in Medina del Campo which dates from the 15th century. Important guests such Isabel I and Juana La Loca (the Mad), have both stayed here.  Accommodation of your choice in Valladolid.


This morning visit the Castle of Simancas in the town of the same name, which houses the state archives of Spain.  Next make your way to Coca Castle (open Wed - Mon) in Segovia, built in the 15th century and is one of Castilla y Leon’s most outstanding fortresses. Accommodation of your choice in Segovia.


Today explore the Alcazar (open daily) in Segovia, that towers over the city. Although the first building is from medieval times, the one you see now was reconstructed in 1862. Segovia offers countless vestiges of the past to be seen in buildings and remains of the old city.  Most remarkable of all its landmarks is the near perfect Roman aqueduct.  It dates from the 1st century AD and was in use up to the 19th century.

The imposing 16th century gothic Cathedral is also quite spectacular.  Cochinio Asado (roast suckling pig) is just one of the many local dishes worth trying in Segovia. Accommodation of your choice in Segovia.


Head to your point of departure.















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2 nights in MADRID MAD01 Central Hotel
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MAD05 Central Hotel
2 nights in Pamplona NAV20 Central Hotel
1 night in Valladolid CYL56 Central Hotel
2 nights in Segovia CYL15 Central Hotel
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