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Córdoba is the ochre-tinted city that throws open its doors every May to showcase its wonderfully decorated courtyards. But there’s more to see than terracotta pots in Córdoba.

The Guardian tells us that this former Islamic capital “still holds the keys to huge tranches of our past, both spiritual and intellectual.” Nowhere is this more evident than at Córdoba’s Mesquita or mosque. Built by Abd al-Rahman I in the late eighth century during the Arab occupation of Spain, it was consecrated in the 13th century when Christians seized the city. In 1984, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and praised for the co-existence between the mosque and the 16th-century Christian cathedral built within the structure of the original mosque. Nothing can prepare you for the spellbinding beauty of the columns and arches inside.

No visit to this multicultural city is complete without seeing the former Jewish synagogue. Built in the 14th century, it has served as a hospital and a cobbler’s workshop, according to Conde Nast Traveller, who calls it “a touching monument to a vanished community.

What we love most about Córdoba is the outdoors: taking a photo of the orange trees in the Patio de los Naranjos, having a coffee in the Plaza de la Corredera or the Plaza del Potro, walking through the twelve courtyards at the 14th-century Viana Palace, or strolling across the Roman bridge in the evening, over the Guadalquivir River, to admire the city illuminated. And, of course, we mustn't forget the amazing Patio Festival in May. You won’t find that sense of wonder, as you push open the huge wooden doors and step into a timeless state, anywhere else.

Easy day trips from Córdoba include Seville, which is only 50 minutes away by high-speed train, and Carmona, which can be reached by car in an hour.


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Cordoba - THINGS TO DO

  • Mezquita de Córdoba: Visit this UNESCO World Heritage site, a blend of Islamic and Christian architecture.

  • Calleja de las Flores: Stroll through this picturesque street adorned with flowers.

  • Barrio Judío: Explore the historic Jewish Quarter with its narrow streets and significant landmarks.

  • Caballerizas Reales: Visit the Royal Stables and see the Andalusian horse show.

  • Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos: Discover this fortress with beautiful gardens.

  • Puente Romano: Walk across this ancient Roman bridge over the Guadalquivir River.

  • Baños Árabes: Relax in the Hammam Al Ándalus.

  • Casa de las Siete Cabezas: Visit this medieval house with an intriguing legend.

  • Plaza del Potro: Enjoy this charming square and nearby museums.

  • Plaza de la Corredera: Have a drink in this vibrant rectangular square.

  • Templo Romano: View the well-preserved Roman temple remains.

  • Palacio de Viana: Explore this Renaissance palace with 12 courtyards.

  • Medina Azahara: Visit the ruins of this vast Moorish palace-city.

  • Museo Arqueológico: See artifacts from Córdoba's rich history.

  • Sinagoga de Córdoba: Tour this rare medieval synagogue.

  • Torre de la Calahorra: Climb this tower for panoramic views.

  • Jardines de la Victoria: Relax in these beautiful gardens.

  • Fiestas de los Patios: Visit in spring to see the famous flower-filled patios.


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